Advanced Research in Business
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Advanced Research in Business invites Researchers, Academics, and Practitioners to join the membership. Scholars with Ph.D. with distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who have made extraordinary contributions in the research field may be requested to organize and chair a new or existing conference. Membership is free.

Participants will be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant conference. They will be invited to be the reviewer of research papers for the relevant conference. Will enjoy a discounted price for registering for a conference. May also be given invitation to deliver a keynote speech at the conference. And will be requested to join the editorial boards of the Journals.

Advanced Research in Business is about caring, supporting, sharing, encouraging, and assisting researchers and their research from different discipline that form the foundation of building a good research base. With modern information technology, fast speed Internet, and web communication access available, researchers no longer have to be alone and lonely working by themselves.

Advanced Research in Business provides researchers and practitioners with the opportunity, tools, and connections to develop research, collaborate with other researchers, locally and internationally, and understand and share the latest research development in their fields. It brings together practitioners and researchers (i.e. junior, middle career, and advanced career) and share their experiences in a collegial environment. This also provides an excellent opportunity to develop research network, exchanging innovative ideas and latest research development activities.

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